Your Privacy At Email Archiver

We value and appreciate the trust you place in Email Archiver, and we respect your right to privacy. This privacy policy describes the safeguards we have implemented to protect your privacy, and details exactly how we use the information you share with Email Archiver. Please do not hesitate in contacting us should you have questions or concerns regarding the protection of your privacy; contact via our website at

Email Archiver Desktop

Email Archiver creates PDFs from email from web, cloud based (e.g. IMAP) or file based services. Email Archiver does not collect information from users other than an optional opt-in debug report. We do not have the capability to look at the emails created with Email Archiver.

If you buy Email Archiver we may obtain your email address and name. We do not sell these data to other companies.

Email Archiver Desktop uses your credentials or Google authorization to download emails onto your desktop computer, where they are turned into PDFs. No email is deleted or altered on your account, and no information is transmitted to, or anywhere on the internet. The credentials you supply are used solely to download and archive a copy of your email. Credentials are stored on your computer in the Apple ‘Keychain’ for maximum local security.