The updater in 3.0.0b – 3.0.2b is broken, if you are using any versions in that range please remove all copies of Email Archiver Pro 3 from your computer and download the newest beta which fixes the updater problem

How to use:

  1. Go to the Settings screen, enter details for your email accounts.
  2. Also select a destination for the output PDFs.
  3. Go to the Archive Screen and press ‘Start’ for one archive or start them all.

Email Archiver usually makes about 3 – 10 PDFs per second, so for an email account with 10,000 emails it will take hours to build the archive. Subsequent updates are much faster. Requires OS X 10.9 or later.

Folder Support

Instead of adding an email account you can add a folder that contains eml, emlx or xbox files and have Email Archiver Pro generate emails from that folder.

Information for owners of Email Archiver 2.x (older versions)

Email Archiver Pro 3 is an entirely re-written application. The older version of email archiver required Apple to be installed and used on your computer. The new version is stand alone and requires only the email account and password be entered into the app.

Email Archiver Pro 3 uses no information from older builds (preferences, etc). So you can run both the older copy and the new beta at the same time if you like. You should not use the same destination folder for PDFs for the new version for two reasons: 1: its a beta, and 2: the new version produces different folder patterns (nicer) than the older 2.x builds.

You can still use the newer version to make archives of all email from by pointing to the ‘V2’ folder in the settings as a folder, but its not recommended. One thing that may be useful would be to point the new Email Archiver at the ‘On My Mac’ mailboxes which are buried in’s V2 folder somewhere.

Please contact us with bug reports, etc. We are working on a better system, but for now please use the support system.

–Tom, James and Robin